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Assessment Policy

Nursery – Upper Kindergarten

The academic year is divided into two terms and each term has two assessment reports. Each assessment report is based on the continuous evaluation based on class activities, worksheets and assignments on day to day basis.

Classes I & II

The assessments would comprise of worksheets, assignments, recitation, reading, group discussions, dictation, project works, quizzes, extempore, multiple choice questions (MCQs), interactions, short answer questions (SAQs), field projects etc.

Letter Grades Will Be Given As Per The Point 5 Grading Scale Mentioned Below:-

Classes III To Class XII
  1. Academic session has been divided into two terms, First Term(from April to September) and Second Term (from October to March). Each term consists of Periodic Tests and Term Assessments.
  2. Class X and Class XII will have Half Yearly Examination in Term-I and one Pre-Board Examination in Term-II.
  3. The result for the classes III to X will be based on the following break up:
  4. 10% Weightage of best out each Periodic Assessment for respective Term.
  5. 30% Weightage of First Summative and 30 % weightage of Second Summative Assessment.[FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + FA3 (10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA1 (30%) + SA2 (30%)=100%]
  6. Result for class XI will be based on the following breakup 20% SEM-I + 30%Half Yearly + 20% SEM-II + 30% Annual Examination=100%
  7. Apart from Examinations, the students are assessed by the school as per their Class Notebooks and Subject Enrichment Activities organised by the school.At the end of the academic year, students are issued the Compiled Marksheet/Report Card as per the CBSE guidelines.

Important Instructions Related to Examinations

  1. For classes III – X: Each Formative Assessments will consist of two major parts as mentioned below:-
  2. Formal Exam : (Written/Non Written)20 Marks
  3. Regular Class room Activity Observation (During class room observation on day to day basis) 05 Marks
  4. For classes XI & XII: Semester I/II shall be conducted.
Criteria For Promotion To Class X/XII
  1. As per CBSE for class IX & X, students would have to obtain at least 25% marks in the Summative Assessments (both SA-1 & SA-2 taken together) to be eligible to qualify the examination i.e. at least 28 marks out of 90 marks & total 33% in each of the five subjects of scholastic area.
  2. Criteria for promotion in the class XI Securing (minimum 33%) in all the subjects (Theory and Practical separately) In Practical subjects student should pass the theory and practical exams separately Appearing in all examinations is absolutely mandatory.


  1. No retest of any kind will be conducted for Formative Assessment. 
  2. If any exam will be shifted from scheduled dates due to any circumstances then it will be mandatory for all to follow changed schedule as per given instructions & no application/ excuse for any reason will be entertained for the same.
  3. In genuine case of absence during examination the Principal will decide on the merit of each case. Decision relating promotion of such cases will be at the sole discretion of the Principal (Based on excellence in academics and attendance). The Medical certificate in case of medical leave should be submitted to the school within one week.
  4. CBSE has introduced Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) in SA-II of class IX & XI from the session 2014 (Weightage of 10 marks).
  5. There will be an Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills (ASL) in English for IX & XI class students (Weightage of 20 Marks).
  6. A student is eligible to appear for the examinations at class X & XII level only, when he/she has attained at least 75% of attendance for the 1st of the month preceding the month in which the examination of the School/ Board commences.
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